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Any Time Loan Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to you the client being the customer of Any Time Loan . They outline various parts of our services provided to you. Please read them carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further clarification.

Any Time Loan is registered with The Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act. We are also compliant with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework. We are licensed credit lenders. Financial Conduct Authority Interim Permission. The aim of this consumer application system website is for the required credit, between yourself and the lenders either directly or through a loan agent, to be arranged. The main purpose of this automated website is to service your loan application requirements to obtain the desired loan amount applied for. In using our services you give Any Time Loan your full consent to pass your application data details to third party lenders and or loan agents with regards to your endeavours to be serviced by an appropriate lending source that will meet your loan requirement, and you agree to cooperate with Any Time Loan 's lenders/lending agents in full toward that end. Your cooperation may include the sending in or the completing and signing of further documentation at the request of the lenders or lending agents before a credit agreement is forthcoming. Your cooperation is required by the lenders or lending agents if they ask for proof of income before the loan is granted. Any Time Loan runs this data handling website to service your needs and as such all loan data is handled with great care and due diligence.

Any Time Loan accepts loan applications based upon the data criteria outlined by the lenders either directly or through our loan agents. Any Time Loan uses the term application acceptance on the acceptance page of this website on the basis that your application data details meets the criteria of the lenders or lending agents for onward processing by them. As such we rely upon the full honesty of you the client applying to us through our website on the basis that all application details are correct. By using this website you must also be aware that your application data details are forwarded to lenders and specialist brokers and lending agents who may credit score your application details through a credit reference agency.

The Any Time Loan site is a consumer application system. It's whole purpose is to allow consumers to make one application and the relevent loan data is dispersed to multiple loan providers and loan agents. Any Time Loan is registerd under the Data Protection Act with the Information Commissioners Office to perform this function.

This is payable by debit card. We occasionally offer the admin fee at a reduced rate and as such this reduced rate will be displayed on your bank statement. All loans are subject to final verification by the accounts department and payouts are usually very promp. When you the client make payment of the admin fee you will ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account for the relevant amount to clear. If your payment does not clear we reserve the right not to process your loan details further. We accept payment from you in good faith on the understanding that those funds will clear. Where the lenders feel the application is fraudulent they reserve the right not to deal or process those loan details any further. The admin fee will show on your bank statement as Any Time Loan . Any loans that are agreed and completed are between the relevent lenders introduced by Any Time Loan and you the client, and as such all agreements and credit credit agreements shall remain between the two parties.

By using our services you are also accepting that Any Time Loan are not only entitled to receive your admin fee but also receive commissions from lenders or loan agents for introductions. The Representative (Typical) APR is clearly displayed on the front of the Any Time Loan website. The example repayment figures advertised are based upon our Representative (Typical) APR. All repayment figures shown are for a illustrative purposes. The term Est. on our monthly repayment figures is an abbreviation of Estimated monthly repayments based upon our Representative APR. We have a standard procedure when estimating our representative APR figure. Under Financial Services Distance Marketing Regulations 2004 you have a right to cancel within 14 days of applying. If you wish to cancel your application, you can email Any Time Loan notifying us at: info@anytimeloan.co.uk If you are not satisfied with our service or any decision we make you can write to the Legal Compliance auditor at the address below. The Legal Compliance Auditor has 28 days to answer or deal with any complaints or queries it receives. It is our hope that you the customer will be delghted with our services and will introduce others to this website. We have nearly 12 years of experience in this field.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about any part of the service that we offer then you can send it to the email address below.

You should give your name, address and loan reference number.

You should then state what your complaint is about.

You should send your complaint to:


We aim to reply to your complaint within 24 working hours.

If you are not happy with the outcome then you can complain to the Legal Compliance Auditor. Their address is:

You should give the same details as before and enclose a copy of the original complaint letter, a copy of any reply and why you are unhappy with it.

The Legal Compliance Auditor aims to deal with your complaint within 14 days.


Please send all refund requests to the email address below..

You should give your name, address and loan reference number.

You should then state why you want a refund.

You should send your request to:


We aim to deal with your request within 14 days.


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